Our vision is to be the leading omnichannel retailer in celebration occasions

cardfactory was founded on a simple, yet powerful insight: the appeal of sourcing and selling greeting cards direct to the customer at low prices. Since the opening of our first store 25 years ago our ambition has grown to support customers in all their celebration needs. The broad celebration occasions market is significant in size and creates a targeted cardfactory market opportunity of c.£13.4 billion in the UK. This includes the UK greeting cards market worth c.£1.4 billion, UK celebration essentials at c.£2 billion and the UK market (for these categories) of gifts at c.£10 billion.

As part of our Opening Our New Future strategy, we are expanding our market focus from our core in greeting cards to target the broader celebration occasions market.


UK greeting cards market FY24: Key highlights

Source: cardfactory bespoke annual UK greeting cards market surveys Feb 2023 and Feb 2024 (3034+participants annually) commissioned with Dynata.

International market presence and opportunity

Bringing our exceptional card, gift and celebration essentials offer to global consumers.

In recent years, we have been using our proven partnerships model to expand our reach internationally as we access an £80 billion market across our seven territories of interest; USA, Canada, Middle East, India, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Existing partners include The Reject Shop in Australia and Liwa in the Middle East. With our acquisition of SA Greetings in South Africa, we now have our first presence within that market both as a retailer and wholesaler.

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